your stakeholders... through VIDEOs

Onevma is a professional management Company, Specialising in online and digital content creation and management for individuals and organisations. We improve your packaging, reach and engagement with stakeholders, in the 21st century.

Viewer retention is 95% for video vs. only 10% for text
more than 55% of people view videos online everyday
By 2020, over 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be online videos

Communicate your message


With an increasing demand for

visual content, we can package

YOU and YOUR organisation.

Attract current and future generations

Millennials, Gen Z and Generation Alpha are in the majority, and we know how you can best

interact with them.

establish a strong online presence

and generate a "Buzz"

There is a greater response to authentic

and visual marketing tactics - We can

boost your brand exposure.

Our clients and brands are at the centre of our work and dedication, tailoring our service to their respective industry and needs. Whether its personal branding exposure or business marketing that they are trying to achieve, our team supports them in widening their opportunities and achieving new levels of success.

Disclaimer: Onevma Limited is the owner of the channels and platforms created and managed for their clients.

Understanding the demographics of the 21st century

Generation Alpha, aged 0 - 9 years

Generation Z, aged 10 - 23 years

Generation Y, aged 24 - 39 years

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